At Pioneer Springs, Math is tangible, real, and exciting.  Students are encouraged to develop a foundational number sense through exploration of math-based games, activities, movement, and manipulatives. These developmentally appropriate explorations often take place in the context of small group, center activities.

In teaching mathematics, we draw from a variety of sources such as the acclaimed Investigations program, Everyday Math, and a wide range of teacher-researched materials. To this we add class discussion focused on problem-solving, real-world applications of mathematics concepts, and of course the myriad and wondrous intersections of math and nature. And as a basic school, many of our math lessons are set within the exciting context of overarching thematic units such as The Rainforest, or The Artist in Me (yes, there is plenty of math to found within the world of art!).

As with all core curriculum areas, our standards and objectives in Math are established by the Common Core State and Essential NC Standards. The difference at Pioneer Springs is our commitment to make math accessible, exciting, and vital for students. By establishing a true, hands-on number sense and confidence, we are laying the foundation for the higher level thinking to follow.