What is Meaningful Homework?

At Pioneer Springs, homework is an extension of what we do in the classroom. Homework should enrich the lives of students, but this can’t happen if the amount of homework precludes other activities that round out students’ lives, such as family time, pursuit of special interests, and unstructured play that is so crucial to healthy development. Therefore, homework at PSCS is never busy work, but instead often takes the form of developmentally appropriate activities, projects, games, and exercises that often involve parent participation.

Homework is often assigned on a long-term basis, giving families choices about when the work is done.  This not only allows families the flexibility to schedule around important events like games, recitals, family gatherings, and religious activities, but also encourages students to develop time management skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

One defining characteristic of homework at PSCS is an emphasis on reading. Reading at home sets the stage for lifelong learning, and to help cultivate a love of reading in our students, each PSCS classroom contains its own library. Students borrow books each day to read on their own and for parents to read to them. This gives students an opportunity to take ownership of their learning by following their interests and selecting books that speak to them.