Why Nature?

At Pioneer Springs, students live their learning, and what better way to do that than to be immersed in the most stimulating, organic, and inspiring learning environment there is: the natural world that surrounds us. Being outside engages all of our senses, bringing our whole being into the learning process and allowing learning to take place on many different levels. Students are present, mindful, and focused.

Cultivating a meaningful, lifelong connection to the natural world grounds students, encourages the kind of healthy risk-taking that results in meaningful learning, and allows kids an opportunity to discover that the wide world outside is not a place to be afraid of, but a place of discovery and growth. Our teachers find that learning opportunities arise spontaneously in nature.  By embracing these opportunities when and where we find them, we can provide students with truly memorable, authentic, and lasting educational experiences.

By combining a solid core curriculum with a focus on the natural environment, students’ senses are engaged on every level, compelling them to observe, discover, and problem solve, all foundational skills necessary to excel under new accountability standards, and in their future careers.