Our Story

Pioneer Springs was born in the spring of 2012 as a grass roots initiative by three families to answer an immediate need in our community: more access to the Basic School model. Two area charters adhering to the Basic School philosophy were making headlines for their academic achievements and innovative, holistic school culture. The only problem was waiting lists numbering in the thousands. The founders looked past their initial frustration and saw an opportunity to create their own unique take on the Basic School model, infused with their collective identity and spirit.

The pieces began to fall into place once the school’s location was established on the rustic grounds of the Historic Croft Schoolhouse. Here was the perfect place to stage the founders’ dream of a school promoting connections to nature, history, and community. Pioneer Springs opened in the fall of 2012 as an independent, non-profit elementary school with kindergarten and first grade. But it was always the founders’ intention to make their vision equally available to all as a part of the public school system, so amidst the excitement of their start-up year they began the rigorous process of becoming a public charter school.

The Fall of 2014 marks our first year as a charter school. Our campus has grown to include the neighboring Historic Davis House. And although our student body is growing as well, with only two classrooms per grade level, Pioneer Springs will always be a close-knit school family, characterized by the same cooperative, volunteer spirit that has been here from the start.


(From left Abigail, Randolph, Cheryl, Erin and Erik, Brian not pictured)