At Pioneer Springs, reading is a celebration! Reading not only forms the gateway to a world of knowledge and ideas, it is a joyous event in and of itself. Students are encouraged to follow their own interests in reading; in addition to working their way through a series of leveled readers, they also choose a book to take home every night from their classroom libraries.

Because we always want reading to be interest-driven and exciting for students, reading for meaning forms the cornerstone of our literacy program. Beginning in first grade, students meet weekly with a Literature Circle group to discuss connections they feel to characters and events in these carefully selected titles.

As students’ own reading skills grow, so does their ability to formulate their own opinions of narrative content and character motivation, along with the confidence to express those ideas to their peers. This in turn helps build a capacity for empathy that transcends the world of literature to to impact the real-world experience of our students.

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