“…writing is an act of both discipline and discovery, one that allows children to be wondrously self-expressive while teaching clear thinking, too…Every day, children are expected to write, write, write.” – Dr. Ernest Boyer

At Pioneer Springs, students own their writing. The individual needs of our students drive the lessons in a program beautifully tailored to their growth. Giving students choices in their writing sparks their excitement and creativity, empowering them to find their voice, even at a young age.

Opportunities for self-expression are woven throughout the school day at Pioneer Springs. Students can journal their thoughts about a math problem they are solving, record observations from their most recent nature experience, reflect on their daily life, or create a story they have been bursting at the seams to tell. Through teacher guided mini-lessons, students may learn how to “slow down a moment” or focus on stronger vocabulary. They also learn the process of editing and revising when they have a piece they are ready to publish. The art and practice of writing takes many forms at Pioneer Springs, but it is always celebrated as an act of creation giving students a deeper understanding of themselves, their fellow students, and their world.